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Elian grappled with the heightened risk of sustaining brain damage due to mental energy depletion. The potential consequences, such as significant cognitive and emotional impairment, often referred to as 'insanity,' loomed ominously. The hallucinations arising from such impairment seemed like plausible explanations for the surreal experiences he was encountering. Yet, Elian swiftly dismissed this notion, his instincts asserting that this place was not a figment of his imagination.

From his vantage point, he observed books adorned with titles in unfamiliar languages, surpassing a hundred distinct ones. Currently, Earth harbored only one living language, with all others considered extinct. Elian was familiar with just this language and Japanese, a skill acquired alongside Lys to appreciate untranslated Japanese books. While there remained a possibility that his brain conjured up these languages, such a notion appeared overly fantastical and improbable.

Having ruled out insanity, Elian contemplated the likelihood that what he saw was real, signaling a probable state of death. The most plausible explanation emerged: what if a vital part of his brain had been damaged? This could account for El's absence, as Elian had tried to communicate with El numerous times to no avail. It was an unprecedented silence, considering El had been a constant presence in Elian's mind for half his life. If death was the answer, it could elucidate El's disappearance-a creation of Elian's mind. Thus, as the brain shut down, El ceased to exist simultaneously.

'So this is how I end, huh' Elian reflected, his smile tinged with self-mockery. He acknowledged that the responsibility for this outcome rested solely on his shoulders. Who, in their right mind, knowingly depletes their mental energy? Typically, Elian wouldn't engage in such actions, but the allure of understanding how a resting body could alter its runic structure proved too compelling. Ignoring it was not an option, especially given its significance to his Zero One project. Thus, against his usual judgment, he proceeded with the endeavor, and the revelations he uncovered justified every moment of mental exhaustion.

"Not anymore," he pondered, realizing that his discoveries no matter how groundbreaking will be useless now that he is dead.

"Elian," he heard the same genderless voice from behind, prompting him to turn and identify the speaker. Before him stood an enigmatic being-a featureless humanoid entity with a form reminiscent of the vast expanse of space, adorned with an infinite array of stars. Its figure seamlessly blended darkness and celestial radiance, each star within its silhouette emitting a gentle, pulsating glow that created intricate patterns of light and shadow. The cosmic presence exuded an ancient, boundless wisdom, filling Elian with profound awe and deep respect.

"God?" Elian speculated, considering his current state of being dead and seemingly 'summoned' to this being. His gaze then shifted to the infinite library around him, and with a broad smile, he contemplated, "So, is this paradise?"

Elian was not deeply committed to any particular faith. While not outright denying the existence of a higher power, he acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding it. Despite this, he was knowledgeable about various religions and their perspectives on the afterlife, often portraying paradise as a realm of peace, tranquility, and divine abundance.

For Elian, if paradise were to exist, it would undoubtedly be this expansive library. His passion for knowledge, was akin to a voracious appetite directed toward knowledge. Describing this sentiment proved challenging-it resembled a form of greed, a thirst for understanding. Placing Elian amidst this vast repository was like releasing a wolf into a flock of sheep. While the knowledge might seem useless to him now, he remained indifferent, for the sheer pursuit of knowing more was satisfaction enough.

"Hahaha," a hearty laugh echoed through the air.

"You're quite the character, Elian," they remarked. "Fear not; your sanity remains intact, and you're still alive."

Elian, taken aback, felt a mix of surprise and relief. While he might be content to find himself in this apparent 'paradise,' he couldn't shake the awareness of the people he had left behind-Julia, Lysandra, and even the Thorne Knights he may have disappointed. Fortunately, those fears didn't materialize.

Now, Elian harbored numerous questions about his location, the journey that led him here, and the nature of this place seemingly defying reality.

"I imagine you're filled with inquiries. How about joining me for a conversation?" the enigmatic being proposed.

Elian hesitated briefly, then took a deep breath, offering a nod of agreement. "I indeed have some questions," he confessed, his voice trembling with a mix of anxiety and curiosity. "Please, show me the way." With those words, Elian followed the enigmatic being.

A few minutes later,

Elian and the enigmatic being found themselves seated on opposite sides of a well-worn wooden table, the simple wooden chairs providing a modest yet comfortable perch. A steaming cup of a mysterious beverage adorned the table, its rich aroma permeating the room and creating an atmosphere of warmth and anticipation. The walls, clad in plain wooden panels, echoed the rustic charm of the weathered wooden floor, while a soft stream of sunlight filtered through a modest-sized window, casting a gentle glow on the surroundings and adding a touch of tranquility to the space.

This understated simplicity presented a stark contrast to the cosmic expanse of the library, leaving Elian momentarily taken aback. He couldn't help but ponder what secrets might be concealed within the unassuming walls of this room, a subtle yet intriguing departure from the grandiosity of the library.

As Elian's mind buzzed with a multitude of unanswered questions, he summoned the courage to voice his inquiries. His voice, a delicate blend of apprehension and intrigue, resonated through the space as he asked the enigmatic being, "Where am I? Who are you?" The weight of the unknown hung in the air, adding a layer of anticipation to his already trembling voice.

The being, seated across the table, responded with an enigmatic air, a subtle smile playing upon its featureless countenance. "In due time," the reply echoed, carrying a sense of assurance that left Elian both intrigued and slightly on edge. The being continued, "I'll answer your questions, don't worry," the words delivered with a calm certainty that hinted at a deeper understanding yet to be unveiled. bed𝚗o𝚟𝚎𝚕.𝚌𝚘m

Elian nodded, his curiosity piqued by the enigmatic being's words. He sipped the mysterious beverage, its warmth spreading through his body like a comforting embrace. As he savored the flavor, a sense of calm washed over him, easing the anxiety that had gripped him since his arrival in this strange place.