Global Game: Ten Billion Spirit Energy Coins From The Start - C.125 - : . First-person experience videos spark a discussion frenzy_l

Global Game: Ten Billion Spirit Energy Coins From The Start

C.125 - : . First-person experience videos spark a discussion frenzy_l

Chapter 125: 125. First-person experience videos spark a discussion frenzy_l

Translator: 549690339

After all the players had turned in their assignments, Su Yu logged off to eat.

During Su Yu’s meal time, all the major guild chat channels and the official offline forums were having a fierce debate about this scenario campaign, the heat of the discussion was far higher than last time!

Last time, only 1,000 players joined the campaign, but this time there were a total of 11,000, causing a much larger impact!

And this time the experience reward was triple that of the last, and every player on the princess’s side who participated in the campaign leveled up once.

The ranking list had been totally reshuffled. The Shepherd in the Clouds, who was previously ranked fourth, dropped out of the top 100, which caused a great stir both inside and outside the game.

The official forum homepage was full of posts discussing this campaign.

The following discussion appeared under one of the posts:

“As expected of Boss Ke, each move he makes stirs up a storm, just like a true powerhouse should!”

“I guess Shepherd in the Clouds must be the most miserable one, right? He was originally fourth on the level ranking but now he’s done for.”

“I am the Shepherd in the Clouds. I passed out from crying in the bathroom.

From now on, I will keep the same schedule as Boss Ke!”

“I was a player on the Duke’s side during the campaign. Boss Ke’s AOE killed me right at the start of the campaign, it was really brutal!”

“Wait, is no one noticing that Nemesis is cheating? I watched the video of the battle posted by a player, there was flying around and wide range instant kills, if this isn’t cheating I don’t know what is.”

“It’s not a cheat. According to the president of Snow Leopard, Boss Ke used a sixth-rank transformation scroll.

“Really? Didn’t he use the ‘Transformation Scroll’ as a cover to hide the fact that he cheated?” 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝖊𝔴𝖊𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝔢𝖑.𝔠𝔬𝔪

“Stop discussing it here, Boss Ke posted a reply!”

“What? Boss Ke posted something?!”

“Damn, I’m going to check it out right now!”

While Su Yu was waiting for his takeaway, he uploaded the first-person video to the official website.

At the same time, he posted on the official forum, briefly describing the process of acquiring the scroll and telling everyone: “The first-person video after the transformation has been uploaded, everyone is welcome to go and experience it!”

The forum was totally blown away!

Who would have thought that Boss Ke had recorded a first-person experience video!

Having the opportunity to experience the power of a sixth-rank player in the game, it was absolutely the most indulgent luxury, how could players possibly miss it?

So the players flocked to the official website’s video section.

Su Yu’s video viewership rose from o to over 3,000 within 5 minutes, and this number was still skyrocketing.

Su Yu priced this video at 6.48 Flower Coins? Many players were taken aback when they saw this number, because the number “648”… emm, was indeed quite sensitive.

However, most players willingly paid up for the experience.

Upon entering the video, players found themselves embodied in Su Yu’s main perspective.

The wide river channel, the warship breaking through the waves, sweaty sailors busy working, the sails fluttering with the wind, enemy warships with multi-colored magic shields…

All these scenes gave a feeling as if they were in the opening of a blockbuster movie!

Next, Su Yu took out the scroll and even showed off the scroll’s name and attributes to everyone.

The players who suspected him of cheating immediately fell quiet, because this item really did exist in the game.

Su Yu held the scroll in his hand and activated it.

And when he was just 30 meters away from the enemy ship, the scroll got activated successfully!

Su Yu flew off the bow of the ship like a bird, quickly charging towards the enemy ship.

[Fire Dance Dazzling Flame Break]!

The fiery magic power in his hand surged out like a raging wave, shattering the multitude of elemental shields.

The enemy fleet, seemingly indestructible, was shattered with just one strike, leaving the soldiers at the bow turned to ash.

This is the might of a Sixth Rank powerhouse!

“This is too darn exhilarating!” The players experiencing the game through the video excitely shouted in their hearts, their blood pressure rising.

The first-person video provides a unique viewing experience, especially the sensation of flying in midair as a high-ranking powerhouse, obliterating enemies in a snap of fingers, really gets the blood pumping!

But the real thrill is yet to come.

Su Yu arrived at the main battlefield and greeted the Duke’s team players for the New Year.

Then, he transformed into a “bomber,” darting through the sky rapidly.

One by one, high-ranking area spells were thrown from his hands, exploding and causing the players below to howl in fear, but they could do nothing against him.

When Duke Landilus charged over, Su Yu evaded the Duke and became the “scythe in the hands of the Grim Reaper,” harvesting the lives of the Duke’s players like a whirlwind.

[Shadow Step] was released continuously, the perspective switched rapidly, Su Yu’s micro-movements, battle details were so fast and thrilling that players could barely keep up!

Afterward, Su Yu fought bravely against NPCs.

Players were breaking into a sweat when Duke Landilus was closing in on the princess, when Antondidas cast [Space Restraint] at him, and when the princess and Morning Star fell from the sky.

Later, Su Yu used [Rising Cloud] to slow down the princess’s descent, and was about to catch the falling princess Alyssa on the broad back of his dragon.

At that moment, the LSP players suddenly got excited!

The first-person experience video allows players using helmet to experience the total touch sensation of the player who released the video.

If it weren’t for the strict ban on explicit content by the game’s ambassador, this video section might have become an “18+ Paradise” by now.

Seeing the princess getting closer and closer to the dragon’s back, how could the players not be ecstatic?

But just when the players were extremely excited, the video suddenly stopped.

“It’s over? How come it’s suddenly over?!”

The players one by one pulled out of the experience mode, their expressions resembling that of constipation.

For goodness’ sake, Maggi, we aren’t short on time! Why couldn’t you just record a little more? Even 10 more seconds would do!

As players experienced the first-person video one by one, a historic discussion craze swept over the forum!

Post after post, all discussing Su Yu’s first-person video. Even other topics were quickly drowned and forgotten in a corner.

Opinions in the discussion were divided between raves and rants.

Obviously, the raves were for the combat scenes in the first half of the video tense, exciting, grandiose… almost every other positive descriptor could be applied. It was even better than watching a 3D movie!

As for the rants, of course, they were all scolding Su Yu for being unkind.

Who wouldn’t want to experience being ridden by the princess? Su Yu cruelly cut it off at the most critical moment, too despicable!

A player made a post in the forum saying “6.48 flower coins is too pricey, everyone else sells for 1 cent”. This player was immediately flamed hundreds of floors down.

Players all replied below:

“As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.”

“Go and watch it, it’s worth the 6.48 flower coins! Even five times the price would still feel like a steal!”

“Is it pricey? I watched it three times in a row, it’s super cool!”

“Don’t remind the OP, he’ll watch it sooner or later.”

The explosive discussion gradually spread from the forum to other platforms, “Nemesis” once again caught fire on various major platforms!

Under Xue Wenli’s microscopic operation, the topic of “Nemesis’s first-person perspective” was once again parachuted to the top of the trending list of social media platforms.

Many people outside the gaming circle came to watch this first-person video because of its’ fame.

After experiencing the super powerful ability of a Sixth Rank powerhouse to fly in the sky and run on the ground, many people couldn’t resist the excitement and clicked the “Buy Now” button on the official website of “Evolution”..