Gate of Revelation - C.831Jan 10, 2024

Gate of Revelation

C.831Jan 10, 2024

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Chapter 831

Aderick possessed not just the strength of an [S] class, but also his meticulous planning, the patience to wait for the chance to kill with one strike and a will of steel.

“In the beginning, it was very tiring. But later, I slowly got used to it.” Receiving praise from Chen Xiaolian made Aderick feel somewhat proud.

“But this means… you are the only remaining leader.” Chen Xiaolian sighed. “I had assumed that Angel Wu would be able to survive.”

Back when Chen Xiaolian was in World’s End, he had not seen Angel Wu. Naturally, he ended up becoming hopeful. But World’s End was such a big place, even if Angel Wu did die, it would not be abnormal for him to miss him.

“If we still have two [S] class with us, there would’ve been no need to hide like this,” Aderick said coldly. “Although most of our high-level combat members have been killed in action, by adding up all our remaining members, our comprehensive might is still comparable to that of a resident guild. My original plan was to wait until we have finished recovering. Even though we have lost Zero City, our home, by staying united, we can still stand above the entire Awakened world.

“But then, we suddenly discovered that Thorned Flower Guild had split up. The Awakened ones who were once members of the guild established an alliance known as Starfall Guild, which is divided into seven teams. Amongst them, there are five with an [A+] class expert each. Moreover… the leader of one of those teams is at [S] class.

“In addition, they also expanded furiously. Many small guilds and loose Awakened ones were recruited. Those that weren’t became allies. It’s like… the peripheral guilds of Zero City in the past. With just me, a single [S] class, it is not enough to suppress all the other Awakened ones and stop them from looking at us with predatory eyes. Furthermore… there are also the Players.”

“You’re right.” Chen Xiaolian nodded. Aderick was a cautious and patient person. In the past, Qiao Yifeng was killed in action and was refreshed. Then, Thunderflame left Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild and Skyblade went missing, leaving only Bluesea, a single [A+] class expert to bitterly support the guild. Even so, Aderick waited for so long before suddenly making his move to abolish Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild’s resident guild position.

This time, Aderick had to face seven big teams, five [A+] class experts and an [S] class expert. In Aderick’s shoes, Chen Xiaolian too would not easily let himself be exposed.

Having reached that line of thought, Chen Xiaolian then recalled his promise to Bluesea to thoroughly protect Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild. “Then… the guys from Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild, how are they now?”

“A considerable number have died, leaving around 30 alive. But… that’s more or less the situation with every guild. At present, the one leading them is a young fellow named Guan Shan.” Aderick gave Chen Xiaolian a glance and said coolly, “Times are different. I had once tried to expel Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild from the resident guild position, but that does not mean I would treat them differently after we left Zero City. When they were summoned into instance dungeons, I would accompany them as well.”

“I believe you.” Chen Xiaolian nodded.

Aderick may be a cold and ruthless person, but he was no liar. Moreover, he would not lie to him at a time like this.

The fact that Guan Shan did not die was good news. This young fellow was very steady and disciplined.

“Alright, the exit has been opened for you. It’s the coordinates you gave me.” A curtain of light rose up before Chen Xiaolian. “Go gather your men. After you are done with the matters here, come find me.”

Aderick nodded silently and stepped into the curtain of light.

As for Chen Xiaolian, he disappeared.

“Boss Chen! Congratulations on closing a big deal!”

Roddy’s legs were crossed as he sat on a wide and soft sofa and he clapped his hands, a snicker on his face.

A display screen composed entirely of motes of light was floating before him.

The images playing on the screen were none other than that of the central plaza that Chen Xiaolian and Aderick had been standing on just now.

There were several other sofas placed around the room. All the other members of Meteor Rock Guild were seated on the sofas. That included Nicole and Tian Lie.

All of the sofas were positioned facing a large, circular table in the centre of the room.

This was the new Zero City’s Room Zero. Although there were several more seats there, the basic layout remained the same as the original. Only, Chen Xiaolian did not like the grassy style. Thus, he had changed it to this appearance.

Naturally, Chen Xiaolian had given everyone from Meteor Rock Guild the highest authority over Zero City. Be it now or in the future, only the members of Meteor Rock Guild would be able to enter this room.

“Enough with you.” Chen Xiaolian rolled his eyes at Roddy.

“Honestly, though, I still don’t understand what you want to do.” Roddy uncrossed his legs and straightened his posture and his snicker turned into a solemn expression. “I was already very surprised when you did not kill him back in the instance dungeon. And now, you want to bring him into Zero City with all those who escaped from Zero City… is this necessary?”

“Why not? Didn’t I already tell him earlier? I want to unite all the Awakened ones.” Chen Xiaolian sat down on his own sofa.

“This is the part that I do not understand.” Roddy shook his head. “You see, let’s make a comparison. Back in the instance dungeon, not even all of us combined could defeat Aderick, who was enhanced by the alien genes. But you were able to defeat him the instant you took action. Although you did not kill him, you extracted the embryo from his body. You even changed the instance dungeon’s quest. Back then, Aderick was no match for you. And now, he is even less so.

“You also said that, given your current level, facing Shen would still be dangerous. That’s why… I really do not understand. Even if you can unite all the Awakened ones, what can that accomplish? I doubt they have the qualifications to even become cannon fodder for you, right?”freewebnove

“It’s not to have them help me fight Shen.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “I just want Shen to see that, what they were able to accomplish back then, I too can accomplish. Since I want him to give up on his method, I have to at least provide him with an alternative.”

After Chen Xiaolian finished explaining his plans, he continued, “After this, I will be making the arrangements to receive Aderick and the members from Zero City. “You guys… take a good rest first. Just like with the old Zero City, when you are inside, you will be shielded from the system’s summoning.”

Their original base also possessed this function. However, after taking over, Lun Tai had not used it even once.

At any rate, in order to survive in the Awakened world, improving their strength was a necessity. Hiding inside the base could indeed help them avoid the instance dungeon’s summons, but it also meant no rewards and points.

They did possess a cheat-like existence like Qiao Qiao in their guild, after all. They could clear instance dungeons with the highest level of safety and benefits. Not using it would be a waste. Why should they hide?

At present, however, Chen Xiaolian had returned, bringing with him such a terrifying power. Thus, there was temporarily no need to enter instance dungeons to earn points.

The communication device in Chen Xiaolian’s hand rang.

“The members have all been gathered. Open the door.”

Chen Xiaolian picked up the call and Aderick’s voice came from the other end.