Fate Online: Shadow - C.485 ChaosDec 05, 2023

Fate Online: Shadow

C.485 ChaosDec 05, 2023

"So, I haven't been able to properly play the game for an entire week. I'm guessing you've already managed to catch up with my level babe?"

"I did, I'm already Level 51" Amanda answered with a proud smirk.

"51? You already got to 51?"

"Yeah, why not to 51?"

"Nothing, it's just amazing that you managed to jump several levels in just a week. After all, I just reached Level 48 recently" Michael was startled and amazed at the same time.

"Well, you missed out a ton during the event for the Undead Horde. They gave out hefty experience points, didn't you see it on social media? It was trending the whole time" Jenny answered from the kitchen.

"I didn't, I was out in the middle of nowhere, remember? Besides, I'm not really into that social media thing. I like my news on paper better" Michael replied with a shrug as Amanda slowly cuddled with him on the sofa.

"What are you? An old man?"

"Hahaha, he does act like an old man sometimes"

Jenny walked over and placed two cups of hot chocolate on the table before the couple. Amanda let out a laugh when she heard what her friend and realized that her boyfriend did have the maturity of someone not of his age from time to time.

"Is the other one for me?"


"No, go make one for yourself if you want one"

With a smile, Michael was about to grab one of the cups on the table when a loud smack resounded as the former quickly pulled his hand back while staring resentfully at Jenny, who had already picked one of the cups and started drinking from it.

"What do you guys think about the recent happenings over the country?" Jenny asked the moment Michael had just stood up and was making his way towards the kitchen.

"The recent fights between gangs and deaths of influential people? I don't really care as long as the chaos doesn't involve us" Amanda replied, but then a few seconds later, she seemed to have realized something and continued, "Wait, don't tell me that your group had recently become involved with it?" π˜§π“‡π‘’π‘’π˜Έπ‘’π’·π˜―β„΄π˜·π‘’π‘™.π’Έβ„΄π‘š

Michael who was busy making his own cup of chocolate immediately perked his ears up as he listened to their conversation from the kitchen.


The sound of the oven rang.

"No, but Black Skull has been stirring and I'm afraid, sooner or later, we'll be caught up in this mess."

While talking to her, Jenny shook her head and made her way toward the kitchen oven, opened it up, and took out the food she was cooking inside.

"So that's the reason why there have been a lot of them lately" Michael answered, feigning ignorance about the very obvious happening around them lately, especially the increase of gangsters moving in groups around their area.

"Are you talking about the mobsters moving in groups on the streets?" Amamda said with a sip of her hot chocolate.

Jenny rolled her eyes and said, "More like gangsters, you can't really call them mobsters when they're not even dressed in suits"

"But boths words mean the same"

"I know, but mobsters sound cooler and a little more intimidating, especially when they're in suits, right Michael?" Jenny slightly agreed with her but asked Michael's opinion.

"Both words does have the same meaning, but Jen's right babe, mobsters sounds way more intimidating than gangsters, and I don't wanna sound arrogant but they don't really intimidate me with how they carry themselves in casual clothes. Just imagine this, you see a group of men in the streets moving together, and they are walking towards you. They don't even need to get near you, but you would already be intimated just from looking at them. Even a police officer would be scared just from their presence. Suits are just built different babe, Suits demand respect, that's why people tend to be more respectful to people wearing them. Just watch those mobster movies with 80s or 90s theme, a great example would be that popular series from decades ago, Peaky Blinders"

Drinking his hot choco from the kitchen top while listening to the two women bicker about useless things, Michael immediately answered her when his name was brought up.

'Why did the talk suddenly shift to suits anyway when we were just talking to the chaos happening all over the country?' Michael was confused.

'Women are really hard to understand sometimes. This must be how the words that women never runs of topic to talk about came from'

"Anyway, everyone should be careful when going outside. Everyone should refrain from moving by themselves" Jenny said, but then realized something and looked at Michael and added, "Except maybe for you since you're still alive and kicking after messing with Black Skull"

Personally knowing how those people from Black Skull tends to be very vengeful, Jenny had always wondered how Michael is still fine and dandy after his conflict with the them, but she didn't find anything even after much investigation on him, and from then on, she had always regarded him as enigmatic person that's hiding a lot of things.

"Don't say that, I can fight but I don't think I can handle it if a group of people jumps at me at the same time. I'm no Superman girl" With a laugh, Michael replied with a shrug of his shoulder.

"Let's just all be careful until the chaos subsides, and let's hope that the chaos is only up to this point and doesn't turn into Anarchy. Oh, I think we should start stocking up our daily necessities, especially food and water" Amanda butted in.

"Uhh, relax. I don't think it would reach up to that point Amanda" Jenny quickly disagreed.

"I'm just sayin, it doesn't hurt to prepare in case it really happens," Amanda said with a shrug.

"I think the chance of it happening is not impossible, especially if those people keeps fanning the flames" Michael muttered to himself.

"What was that?"

"Uhh nothing, I was just saying that this hot chocolate taste fantastic"

"It's just chocolate Michael" Jenny rolled her eyes at him.

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