Demon Lord's Reincarnation - C.680 Battle After BattleOct 27, 2023

Demon Lord's Reincarnation

C.680 Battle After BattleOct 27, 2023

Gratz and Erste headed out and were now in one of the dimensions were the hunting of humans was happening. The rebellion knew that in this particular hunting ground, a very powerful New God was roaming. In fact, the New God was so powerful that several members of the rebellion had already fallen under his hands. So now they needed to send in a general to either kill the New God if possible or if it turned out to be too difficult to kill then they needed to simply learn more about this New God. At this point in time, Gratz and Erste were now waiting for the New God to make a move.

"So boy can you tell me why you are in such a hurry?"

"Stop calling me boy, I have a name you know, it's Erste."

"I call almost all inelegant and immature young men, boys, as for the women I call them girls. If your temperament gets better I'll call you lad, and if you do well enough I might even call you young lord. Now if and only if you prove yourself truly worthy, only then will I call your name. There's also the fact that I'm truly older than you, in fact, I'm older than all the members of the current Rebellion."

"Heh, just how old are you?"

"The time in different dimensions is different, but if you're talking about my age counting the time in the original world then I'm about five hundred and seventy two years old." 𝗯𝗲𝐝𝐧𝗼𝐯𝗲𝐥.𝗻𝗲𝐭

Loki was actually surprised by Gratz's answer and looked at the other party with a bewildered expression.

"Don't look at me like that, We who have plundered the abilities of New Gods have not only gained their abilities but our bodies have also evolved. One of the benefits of this evolution is our longer lifespans. I might look like an elegant fifty year old man, but my true age is as you already know."

"Hmm, so we really are no longer human."

The moment Erste said those he suddenly felt a chill coming from Gratz's direction. The aura from Gratz was unlike the time he was pressuring Esrste with his presence and mana, now what was being released was a suffocating amount of killing intent.

"Don't you dare say those words! No matter what happens to us, no matter what changes within us, we will always be humans! We shall fight elegantly and die elegantly as humans!"

Erste was stunned not only by Gratz's outburst of killing intent but what he just said. Erste stared at Gratz for a few seconds before he shrugged his shoulders and responded.

"Alright, I guess we're still humans, but what's this about fighting elegantly and dying elegantly business? Fighting by itself is inherently a dirty business there's no elegance to be found in that, as for dying elegantly that too is a farce."

"Hmph, what a sad little boy you are. The only reason you can't find elegance in fighting is because you lack any semblance of elegance, but don't worry boy as long as you're with me I will teach you what true elegance is."

"How about you show me what kind of elegance in fighting by facing me."

Erste's battle intent was once again rising. After learning more about mana, no after seeing so many strong opponents something within Erste was slowly changing, or something within him was finally being released. Erste's thirst for battle was growing by the minute, and every time he found a powerful person he had the urge to attack.

Seeing the vicious smile on Erste's face, and feeling the intensity of his battle intent made Gratz shake his head and sigh.

"I guess teaching a barbarian like you will take some time, but do not worry boy I will guide you properly."

Erste was about ready to attack, but when he saw that Gratz looked like he had no thought of fighting back made Erste feel a little irritated.

"Are you not going to guide me properly? Why don't you take out your weapon and show me that elegant way of fighting you keep on talking about."

"In fighting a beast like you, my right hand is enough." Gratz had his right hand forward and his left hand was behind his back, he stood there with a straight back, and with his height, it felt like he was looking down on Erste both figuratively and physically.

"Hoh, is that so then let's see what you got."

Like a beast, Erste charged forward with a speed that the eye could not follow. Erste's current control over his mana was nothing like it was before as he had improved greatly. So now he didn't even need to use mana emission and mana coating to move at such a speed.

Gratz was really surprised by Erste's speed, he already tried to overestimate Ersete's abilities as much as possible but it seems that his imagination fell short. Erste who only gained mana in a month was already better than most seasoned members of the Rebellion.


Back in the Soul Realm one of the incarnations interrupted the scene by asking a question.

"Another battle? Ever since you defeated that New God it seems that you just shifted from one fight to another."

"Huh, What kind of thing to say is that? Is there any reincarnation in this place whose whole life did not revolve around battle?"

When the others heard the original incarnation's question they all fell deep into their own thoughts. After a moment of thinking they all came to the same answer. It seem that none of their lives was peaceful, as most of their lives revolved around battle. Seeing the reaction of the crowd the original incarnation scoffed.

"You see, none of you lived a life outside of battle. Since all of you share most of my core personality traits as well as having power beyond most people, of course, your lives will revolve around battle. Not to mention when I created the reincarnation system I made sure that each reincarnation of mine would be born in a place that has the most chaotic energies. So do you have anything else to say?"

The reincarnation who spoke shook his head and the group continued to watch the next scene.