All Hail Cousin Brother - C.982 - : Removing the Hairpin to Persuade Politics

All Hail Cousin Brother

C.982 - : Removing the Hairpin to Persuade Politics

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A country could not live without a ruler for a day. After knowing the emperor’s health, the matter of “the heir” could be brought to the surface. They could not let the ministers fight in private.

It was a competition for succession and chaos.

In short, there were no two ways about it. Someone had to unveil this layer of paper and stand out.

An official would not be punished for remonstrating.

Only Lord Qi could stand out. Only when Lord Qi did it would the others in the Imperial Court dare to stand out. Only when the Imperial Court bore the brunt would the other ministers in the court dare to follow.

Elder Yu closed his eyes. “Let’s go to the palace to investigate!”

They were the royalists. Only by protecting the emperor and the country could they be completely loyal and filial, allowing them to plan for the family for a hundred years. Today, the royalists had to take the lead.

The law excused the masses. Immediately, the court officials led by Elder Yu went to the Ganji Palace majestically and knelt at the entrance of the palace, requesting to see the emperor.

However, they were blocked by Eunuch He, who followed the emperor.

Immediately, a court official who prided himself on being “loyal” couldn’t help but feel anxious and angry. He pointed at Eunuch He’s nose and scolded, “You dog slave, you relied on the emperor’s favor to overstep your authority and dictatorship to stir up trouble in the court. You’re just a eunuch, but you’re bullying your master and becoming the emperor’s master. Who gave you the guts?!”

“The eunuchs have harmed the country. If we don’t make a decision as soon as possible about Prince Liang’s tragic death, the consequences will be unimaginable. If we delay the important matters of the country, can a eunuch like you bear the responsibility?!”

“You eunuch dog, move aside. I don’t mind telling you that even if we leave our heads in the palace today, we have to see the emperor.”

Both sides were in an uproar. Even the Empress, who was discussing with Eunuch Zhu, received the news. She immediately couldn’t care less and hurriedly rushed to the Ganji Palace.

After the Empress Dowager’s death, Empress Ning gradually gathered together. Some of the Empress Dowager’s connections in the palace deepened her control over the harem.

However, Concubine Lan was not someone to be trifled with after all. Even though she was overwrought by Ning Yuanbo’s case, she still firmly controlled the Ganji Palace.

This was an opportunity for Empress Ning.

Now that Ning Yuanbo’s residence was in jail, Concubine Lan did not have any external support and was alone. How could she still firmly control the harem?

Why had the Second Prince obtained the support of many old officials?

To put it bluntly, Concubine Lan’s favor was not bad, and the Second Prince was also valued by the emperor.

At this moment, if the news of the emperor’s serious illness was made public, the court officials who supported the Second Prince would definitely be swayed. Not only could it further attack Concubine Lan, but Empress Ning could also take the opportunity to win over the hearts of the people in the court.

Empress Ning had a good plan and rushed over.

At this moment, there was already an argument in front of the Ganji Palace.

It wasn’t until the eunuch’s sharp voice sounded that the court officials realized that the Empress was here. They quickly bowed and greeted her.

“Lords, please don’t be so polite.” Empress Ning hurriedly went forward and helped the leader, Elder Yu, up.

Elder Yu stood up, and the other ministers quickly followed.

The atmosphere became heavy.

Since Elder Yu was the leader, he naturally couldn’t give up halfway. “The emperor hasn’t been in court for a long time. It’s against the path of a wise ruler. If we, the officials, take it lightly, it’s also against the path of a loyal ruler. In the Great Zhou Dynasty, we have always been loyal and filial to govern the country. Now that the Empress Dowager has passed away, the harem of the previous dynasty needs the emperor to step in to manage the overall situation to ensure filial piety and stabilize the country. Therefore, we specially entered the palace to beg the emperor to come to the court.”

These words were dignified, resonating with everyone present.

Inviting the emperor to the court was the way to be loyal.

When the emperor came to court, it would show filial piety.

The Great Zhou Dynasty ruled with loyalty and filial piety. If loyalty and filial piety were incomplete, they would be struck down by the gods.

Even a loyal minister could not sit back and do nothing. The emperor was still unwilling to come to the court.

The Empress immediately felt extremely emotional. “Everyone, you’re worried about the state’s affairs. In order to be loyal to the emperor, you’re not concerned about life and death. It’s really the emperor’s great virtue and the blessing of the country that the Great Zhou Dynasty can have you as supporters. I’m just a woman and don’t know much about the politics of the previous dynasty. I’m settled in the inner residence. I simply hope that everyone lives a long life. I’m also mourning for the Empress Dowager. I only hope to be of the same mind as the emperor and don’t dare to exceed my duty.” These words were indeed brilliant.

However, it was not a lie. For many years, Empress Ning had not left the palace and was living in the inner residence. Even if she did follow the rules, the reason why she had opened the palace gate was because the Empress

Dowager’s health was not at peace. It could be considered filial piety to the Empress Dowager. No one could refute her.

All the court officials present had ulterior motives.

The Empress did not care what they were thinking and only continued, “All of you are the pillars of the country and trusted aides. To be able to make all of you willing to risk the crime of ‘disrespect’ to seek an audience with the emperor, it’s obvious that the situation has already become so serious.

Although I’m not talented, I’m willing to imitate Empress Jiang’s words of

‘removing the hairpin and persuading politics’. Together with all of you, I will beg the emperor to come to court.”

As soon as these words were spoken, there was immediately a commotion.

King Xuan of Zhou had neglected political affairs for a period of time. Empress Jiang understood righteousness and advised King Xuan of Zhou to work hard. She removed her hairpin and earrings. Then, she knelt in the Yong Alley for a long time to show that she was guilty.

When King Xuan of Zhou found out about Empress Jiang’s intentions, he was touched and ashamed. Hence, he worked hard to establish the revival of the Zhou royal family.

Empress Ning imitated Empress Jiang. She was virtuous inside and out, showing the virtuous demeanor of the mother of a country.

Then, the Empress took off her phoenix robe in public and knelt in front of the hall. Then, she took off the crown with nine dragons and nine phoenixes, earrings, necklace, bracelets, and other accessories on her head.

Eunuch He was shocked. “Your Majesty, that won’t do…”

Empress Jiang removed her hairpin to persuade politics, creating a revival fopr the Zhou royal family. Empress Ning imitated her for the sake of the Great Zhou Dynasty. Not to mention Eunuch He, even the emperor himself could not ignore it.

After taking off her phoenix robe and jewelry, the Empress knelt in front of

the Ganji Palace and kept saying, “WWhy can’t I do what Empress Jiang did?!”

The court officials also reacted and quickly shouted, “Her Majesty is magnanimous…”

The Empress held the phoenix robe, the crown with nine dragons and nine phoenixes earrings, and other accessories in her hands. “I’m guilty. When the emperor comes to court, I’ll naturally deal with him personally. Eunuch He, please move aside. Don’t delay the important matters of the country.”

At this moment, Eunuch He did not dare to stop them anymore. His slender eyes swept across the officials present. “All of you are seeking an audience with the emperor to do your best to be loyal. It’s not good to disturb his health too much, so please discuss who will enter the palace with me and seek an audience with the emperor.”

There were more than 20 ministers present, so it was naturally impossible to bring them all into the palace.

Now that the court officials had achieved their goal, they would not be vague about this matter. They immediately elected three ministers, including Elder Yu, to meet the emperor with the Empress..

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