A Girl Conquers the World Through Her Tears - C.31: Ten Fingers Tied


Lin Jianzhi was going to tell her parents that day that she would go to Yanling. Lin's parents were extremely supportive.

Lin's Father said, "Dad will give you money to play more for a few days."

Lin's Mother said, "Oh my! My daughter is finally willing to go out and play! I thought she was depressed from staying indoors so much recently!"

Lin Jianzhi also didn't expect that during this period of time when she was stabilizing her emotions, her parents would think her isolation was a precursor to depression.

She did so well on the exams, why wasn't she going out to play?!

So when they learned it was the class's group trip, Lin's parents even hoped she could play for a few more days before coming back.

This happened to align perfectly with Lin Jianzhi's intentions.

Although the chance of a coincidental encounter was small, Lin Jianzhi still carefully chose to bring a large suitcase full of nice clothes to prepare.

In addition, there were all kinds of cosmetics and jewelry.

Just when she thought she had considered everything comprehensively, Mu Yin sent a message.

'Mu Yin: Lang Shu said summer is the peak tourist season. The travel agency booked it but has to delay it a few days and tentatively set it for July 25th.'

'Lin Jianzhi: That's only 3 days left! Very soon. Usually you can't even book a hotel during peak seasons.'

'Mu Yin: Yeah......'

'Lin Jianzhi: What's up with you?'

'Mu Yin: Are you free tomorrow? Go with me to buy lingerie.'

'Lin Jianzhi: ????'

'Mu Yin: Um, have you done anything with Zhu Liheng?'

'Lin Jianzhi: !!!!'

'Mu Yin: I want to pick out some nice lingerie.'

Lin Jianzhi was so shocked she almost threw her phone!

Mu Yin was too direct!

But the next day, she still went as invited and accompanied Mu Yin shopping with a red face.

Damn it, while shopping, her mind was full of Zhu Liheng.

What color does he like?

Crap! Crap!

She was led astray by Mu Yin!

Mu Yin bought two sets total, and while choosing, urged Lin Jianzhi multiple times to also buy a nice set.

Lin Jianzhi frantically shook her head and strongly refused!

Mu Yin looked at her and said, "You're too innocent. Have you asked Zhu Liheng?"

Lin Jianzhi's face was so red it seemed to be bleeding. "We aren't dating at all."

Mu Yin clearly didn't believe her. "Oh, I'm going to go pay."

While Lin Jianzhi was waiting in place, her eyes couldn't help but look over the several nice sets of lingerie a few times.

Mu Yin quickly finished paying and rushed back to pull Lin Jianzhi to go buy skirts.

Girls should wear nice skirts!

This time Lin Jianzhi didn't blush again and followed along to pick out a dress that had a big bow at the hem, very beautiful.

Mu Yin was very different, she bought an ultra short skirt!

After a day of shopping ended, Lin Jianzhi returned home and locked the door.

Then she started going online to pick out lingerie.

The three days passed quickly. On the morning of July 25th, over 30 lively people gathered at 7 AM.

The drive from Jingyi City to Yanling City was only about an hour. Going to Dinosaur Park was a bit further but there was still plenty of time.

By 9 AM, Lang Shu had successfully brought them into Dinosaur Park.

The way to play amusement parks is to queue and scream.

Lin Jianzhi regretted a bit wearing her new dress today. The hot weather was a bit extreme. She hadn't played much before being drenched in sweat.

Also because she was wearing a dress, and had a constitution where she'd cry from stimulation, she couldn't participate in the high altitude rides.

So Lin Jianzhi just stayed on the ground to watch everyone's bags and phones.

The rollercoaster roared past from the front. Quan Kaiji's shouts pierced through everyone else's, exceptionally outstanding. 𝔣𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖜𝔢𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝖊𝔩.𝖈𝖔𝔪

Lin Jianzhi laughed while taking out her phone to record video.

Quan Kaiji usually liked to pretend to be cold, she didn't expect a single rollercoaster to reveal his true nature.

After the rollercoaster ended, the classmates all walked out laughing while asking each other.

"Who was shouting so loudly just now? I wanted to shout but when I heard him I laughed out loud directly."

"It was Quan Kaiji! He was next to me, I nearly went deaf!"

Quan Kaiji walked at the very back of the group, coldly saying, "You heard wrong, it was Lang Shu shouting."

Lang Shu: "Bullshit! Mu Yin you say, was I shouting or not shouting?"

Mu Yin: "I was shouting the whole time, how would I know if you guys shouted or not?"

Everyone burst into laughter again.

Lin Jianzhi was also smiling radiantly at the side, posting the pictures and videos she took to the group chat.

At this time, she suddenly caught another glimpse of the pinned chat at the top.

Zhu Liheng still had no messages...

She thought about it and picked out a photo of the whole class with their mouths wide open shouting. She posted it to Moments with her location tagged.

'Lin Jianzhi: [image] Having so much fun! '

[Location tagged: Dinosaur Park, Yanling City]

After posting Lin Jianzhi felt very nervous. Zhu Liheng should be able to see it right?

Even if he didn't see it today he'd see it tomorrow right?

At this time Mu Yin walked over and grabbed her. "Let's go, let's go on the pirate ship!"

Lin Jianzhi hurriedly turned off her phone screen and followed the group forward.

After a whole day of playing at Dinosaur Park it quickly turned to afternoon.

Most classmates were planning to go and return the same day. Only less than 10 people chose to spend the night in Yanling City.

These 10 didn't take the bus back and grabbed taxis in batches heading to the hotel instead.

Lang Shu arranged everything perfectly. Only after seeing each classmate off on the bus back to Jingyi City was he assured.

Next was the group of 10 who could keep playing for a few more days.

Lin Jianzhi and Mu Yin were the last to leave Dinosaur Park, taking a cab together with Jiang Jingyi and Quan Kaiji.

During this entire day, Lin Jianzhi opened her phone countless times to check if Zhu Liheng had any activity.

But disappointingly, there was nothing.

It was as if Zhu Liheng had disappeared, completely unaware she had come to Yanling.

But just when Lin Jianzhi was about to give up, walking out from Dinosaur Park to the roadside.

A figure ahead under the glow of sunset attracted all her attention!

Still a white shirt, clean as a cool breeze.

How did Zhu Liheng come here?

Lin Jianzhi almost forgot to breathe, shocked while looking at that figure.

Mu Yin, Jiang Jingyi and Quan Kaiji were chatting and laughing while walking forward. Glancing back they discovered Lin Jianzhi was missing.

Mu Yin hurriedly yelled "Lin Jianzhi! Keep up!"

This shout not only brought Lin Jianzhi back to her senses, but also made Zhu Liheng standing in the distance look over.

Then, he strode over!

Lin Jianzhi watched with wide eyes as Zhu Liheng walked towards her. He took her luggage from her in one swift movement.

Zhu Liheng said, "Next time you come to Yanling call me. I almost didn't see your Moments post."

At this time Lin Jianzhi couldn't even speak!

Dazedly looking at Zhu Liheng. One hand pulling her luggage, passing by her other hand reached out and grabbed hers.

Lin Jianzhi felt her brain explode with a 'boom'!

His hand was big and powerful.

He pulled her up decisively without hesitation.

Their ten fingers interlocked.

Lin Jianzhi dazedly looked at their clasped hands, then up, at Zhu Liheng's shoulder. So close, so close to her.

So close she felt the next second they would crash into each other.

She suspected she might be dreaming?

You...Zhu Liheng, you pulled her hand?