A Girl Conquers the World Through Her Tears - C.29: Your Girlfriend


Lin Jianzhi's mind went blank all of a sudden.

She knew that Zhu Liheng was someone who never posted on Weibo!

Yet after confirming that this article was written by her, he shared it on the spot?


Zhu Liheng, you...

Just as Lin Jianzhi was dumbfounded, she discovered that Zhu Liheng had shared another post, which was a follow-up report on her perfect-score gaokao essay.

It turned out that on the night before the scores became available two days ago, the media had already investigated the source of this perfect-score essay and interviewed the students' head teacher Hu Tan.

It was even a video...

Still in a daze, Lin Jianzhi clicked open the video to watch. Teacher Hu was on screen, smiling with a face full of wrinkles.

Hu Tan: "Yes, Lin Jianzhi is my student. She's in Senior Year 3 Class 2 at Zhengyi No.1 Middle School in Jingzhou."

Reporter: "Could you tell us about Lin Jianzhi's academic history?"

Normally, someone who could write a perfect-score essay must have won various awards before, maybe even made the newspapers.

Unfortunately, Lin Jianzhi had never participated in any major competitions.

Hu Tan knew this well. He deliberately acted mysterious: "I can't say much. I can only say her English essays often get full marks too!"

Reporter: "Wow! So you were her English teacher?"

Hu Tan: "Oh no, I taught her math!"

The reporter was clearly taken aback, but still continued asking: "What are your thoughts on this perfect-score essay, Teacher Hu?"

Hu Tan got excited: "The theme was admiration and gratitude. She obviously wrote this for me! You should know, this kid's math was really poor in the past. I put in great effort tutoring her and she made huge progress right before gaokao!"

Hu Tan: "Look how intricately she wrote about her gratitude and admiration - clearly she was writing about me. I'm her mentor in life!"

Reporter: "As your student, she must have a close relationship with you, right?"

Hu Tan shook his head: "You're mistaken. If not for reading this essay, I wouldn't have known she was so grateful to me. She kept her delicate feelings hidden in her heart, silently working hard and using this perfect-score essay to repay me. What a good kid..."

At this point, Lin Jianzhi was completely dumbfounded with confusion all over her face.

Teacher Hu, you got it wrong!

Though it does make some sense. After all, in that essay she mentioned "mentor in life" many times.

She felt that Zhu Liheng had the greatest impact on her - not only directly teaching her math, but influencing various aspects of her life. Even her much improved thinking patterns now were taught by Zhu Liheng.

Teacher Hu totally misunderstood!

Exiting the video, Lin Jianzhi stared blankly again at Zhu Liheng's two Weibo posts.

He shared two reports in a row, and the second one even contained Lin Jianzhi's name and class.

Now everyone on his followers list could see...

Just imagining this, Lin Jianzhi's face flushed red again!

Zhu Liheng, what exactly do you mean?

Just then, the class WeChat group suddenly blew up. Various mentions flooded Lin Jianzhi's phone with rings.

[Zhengyi No.1 Middle School Senior Year 3 Class 2]

Mu Yin: "Ahhhh! @Lin Jianzhi gaokao essay got perfect score! Made headlines!"

Lang Shu: "Brothers and sisters help share this and make it blow up big time!"

Jiang Jingyi: "I'm friends with a girl called Chen Jingman from the class next door. I sent it to her ten times and she blocked me hahaha!"

Quan Kaiji: "Shared to school network. Already 500 comments at the top of trending."

Mu Yin: "@Quan Kaiji that's so like you!"

Lang Shu: "@Quan Kaiji the dark horse doing big things without a sound!"

Quan Kaiji: "@Lin Jianzhi I even attached your photo with Zhu Liheng."

Mu Yin: "Sick!!!"

Lang Shu: "Hahaha! Fatal blow!"


Seeing how excited her classmates were, Lin Jianzhi wanted to say "thanks everyone." But Quan Kaiji's words left her at a total loss.

Why did it get back to the photo thing?!

The whole world witnessed with their own eyes her passing out dead drunk at the critical moment.

She wished she had been sober for Zhu Liheng to princess carry her...

At that moment, Zhu Liheng's phone was also ringing nonstop. He had to mute it.

Under his two Weibo posts, there were already over a hundred likes and several dozen comments.

Many people were surprised that Zhu Liheng actually started posting on Weibo. A minority immediately caught on.

Yu E: "Yo! Little sister-in-law is that awesome?"

Ruan Tang: "Sister-in-law got perfect essay score. When's Zhu Liheng treating us to dinner?"

Chen Wei: "Is this the girl from last time?"

Pu Ren: "Damn! You got perfect scores in physics and math back then. Now your girlfriend has a perfect essay score?"

Zhu Liheng reply to Pu Ren: "She got perfect in English too."

Pu Ren reply to Zhu Liheng: "Sick! Monopoly in sciences and liberal arts. This combo is invincible!"

Xiong Pengtian: "Your girlfriend?"

Zhu Liheng reply to Xiong Pengtian: "Yes."

Xiong Pengtian reply to Zhu Liheng: "Bring her to A University!"

At first the comments were quite normal. But after the exchanges between Pu Ren, Xiong Pengtian and Zhu Liheng's replies, the two men's circles collectively exploded!

First, it was Zhu Liheng's university classmates. Those close to him could directly see the conversation. Those who didn't passed screenshots around various group chats.

Zhu Liheng's got a girlfriend!

What blew up even more crazily was A University. Professor Xiong and Zhu Liheng's conversation instantly spread like wildfire.

Sooner or later, all A University students saw the conversation or screenshots.

Zhu Liheng himself acknowledged having a girlfriend!

What's more, his girlfriend is very outstanding. She got a perfect gaokao essay score that made headlines!

Once the news exploded, everyone knew. Countless girls shed tears. Countless guys heaved sighs of relief.

Zhu Liheng himself remained indifferent. After simply replying to two people, he turned off his phone and continued his data work.

Meanwhile, Lin Jianzhi secretly logged into Weibo again with her "Eternal Zhu and Lin" account, posting a photo.

It was blurred, the repeatedly edited version of the princess carry.

She had scribbled all over it until the original was unrecognizable.

Only the vague silhouettes of two people could be seen - a tall, straight-backed boy carrying a girl.

After posting the photo, Lin Jianzhi immediately logged off, burying herself under her blanket again giggling foolishly.

If possible, she hoped time could rewind.

Go back to that moment two days ago in Zhu Liheng's arms.

She wanted to soberly feel being carried by Zhu Liheng, away from the noisy world.

Just then, a flash of memory suddenly surfaced in Lin Jianzhi's mind!

Car window. Fogged glass.

A breath that cut bone-deep to the soul.


Lin Jianzhi's mind exploded!

Was she hallucinating?

Oh my god!

She must love Zhu Liheng so much that she started fantasizing about them kissing!

Lin Jianzhi's entire body flushed red from embarrassment as she tightly bit her lips to restrain that split-second feeling.

How was that possible!

Someone as aloof as Zhu Liheng, beyond worldly affairs - how could he be so reckless with her?!