A Girl Conquers the World Through Her Tears - C.26: Takasa, Do you like Me


High-Speed Rail Station.

The first high-speed train from Jingyi to Yanling is about to depart. Zhu Liheng closed his laptop in the waiting hall and walked towards the platform with Bluetooth earphones on.

At that moment, his mentor, Professor Xiong, called.

Zhu Liheng pressed the call button on his Bluetooth earphones. "Professor, I estimate that I will arrive in about an hour."

Xiong Pengtian said, "Zhu, the upcoming research is very important. I appreciate your hard work."

Zhu Liheng replied, "It's not a problem, Professor."

Xiong Pengtian continued, "You've sacrificed your vacation, unlike other undergraduate students. Moreover, what you're currently working on is a project that many people aspire to."

Zhu Liheng said, "Students at A University are all busy, and what I'm doing now is something that many people would love to do." f𝐫𝗲eweb𝗻o𝐯el.𝚌o𝗺

Xiong Pengtian asked, "Is it inconvenient for you to always take the high-speed train? Should I arrange a car for you?"

Zhu Liheng replied, "No need, Professor. I usually drive my father's car at home, and I won't need a car when I stay in the research room in Yanling. As for returning to Yanjing, I won't be using a car either."

Xiong Pengtian suggested, "Then, how about I arrange a secretary for you?"

Zhu Liheng smiled and said, "It's not necessary. The section I'm in charge of doesn't require that much organization work."

Xiong Pengtian said anxiously, "Oh, but you'll need technical writing, right? I can find someone for you. It will be a professional who may not be willing to cooperate with a current university student, but with your reputation, it shouldn't be a problem."

Zhu Liheng paused for a moment and replied, "No need, I know someone."

Xiong Pengtian exclaimed, "Oh? Is it someone from B University? Just be careful not to be misled by the physics department of B University!"

The professor was a bit anxious, afraid that his student might be snatched away.

Zhu Liheng laughed, "Don't worry, Professor. I need to go to the platform now."

Xiong Pengtian said, "Alright, take care."


Lin Jianzhi anxiously checked her belongings three times before leaving Zhu Liheng's house and returning to her own doorstep.

She was confused and afraid.

She gently opened the door and quietly entered the house.

Great, her parents were still asleep!

Lin Jianzhi hurriedly ran back to her room, locked the door, kicked off her shoes, and lay on the bed, finally feeling at ease.

It was terrifying and inexplicable.

What exactly happened yesterday?

She opened her phone, wanting to ask in the group but hesitated. Instead, she clicked on Mu Yin's profile picture to initiate a private chat.

To her surprise, the moment she clicked on the profile picture, she saw Mu Yin's first post in the Moments.

It was a photo.

A photo of Zhu Liheng!

Lin Jianzhi quickly opened Mu Yin's Moments and her brain exploded with a "boom."

The photo was posted less than ten o'clock last night.

The scene was a messy dining table, and Zhu Liheng stood tall in a white shirt, holding a girl in a princess carry.

The angle, lighting, and technique of the photo were like a movie poster.

He walked forward confidently, tightly embracing the girl.

Though the girl's face was only partially visible, it was undoubtedly Lin Jianzhi!

Not to mention, she was wearing the exact same clothes as herself.

Lin Jianzhi's brain crashed, and she stared wide-eyed at the photo, unable to recall how this scene came to be.

Yesterday was a classmate gathering, and everyone had a few drinks.

The class monitor shouted, and Lin Jianzhi was surrounded and then given a drink by Mu Yin.

After that, she didn't remember anything!

She must have simply gotten drunk and fallen asleep, right?


So when did Zhu Liheng appear?

And he even carried her away?

Lin Jianzhi slapped herself on the forehead heavily, feeling utterly confused.

She wanted to send a message to Zhu Liheng to ask, but when she opened the chat box, she got scared and exited again.

How can she bring herself to speak? Oh no!

She scrolled through her friends' posts, and then something even more shocking happened.

This photo was going viral!

The whole class posted it, even the homeroom teacher, Hu Tan!

It had a feeling of the entire school's students and teachers shipping the couple.

Lin Jianzhi felt as if something was bursting forth, and the situation had escalated beyond what she could handle.

What happened next?

After Zhu Liheng carried her away, what happened?

She didn't say or do anything strange, did she?

Does Zhu Liheng know something?


How terrifying!

Then, Lin Jianzhi logged into the campus network.

Sure enough, the photo was spreading on the campus network too!

The post was getting a lot of attention, surpassing the previously top-ranked "Happy Breakup."

The entire Class 2 of Grade 12 mobilized and launched an all-out attack!

They collectively criticized everyone who had attacked Lin Jianzhi and even singled out the main culprit, Chen Jingman.

Lin Jianzhi checked the posting time and saw that it started last night at ten and continued until three in the morning.

The peak was around midnight, the most intense moment!

Lin Jianzhi was dumbfounded, closed the campus network, and started questioning her life choices.

Many of the things mentioned in the post left her utterly bewildered.

What did Zhu Liheng admit?

What did he admit?

The one who was going to suffer was herself, as she couldn't remember anything and was left dazed in the center of the explosion.

After thinking it over, Lin Jianzhi mustered up the courage to open the class group chat.

'Lin Jianzhi: Are you guys awake?'

No one responded; they were probably all sleeping.

But then, the class monitor, Lang Shu, suddenly sent her a private message.

'Lang Shu: Hehehe!'

'Lin Jianzhi: !!!'

'Lang Shu: Where did Zhu Liheng take you yesterday?'

'Lin Jianzhi: ...'

'Lang Shu: He definitely didn't just take you home, right? Did anything exciting happen?'

Lin Jianzhi's face turned red, and she quickly replied.

'Lin Jianzhi: Nothing! Nothing!'

She wanted to explain further, but she realized it would be hard to clarify.

She couldn't just say that Zhu Liheng wasn't home now, right?

That would be a dead giveaway!

Besides, this whole situation had a tremendous impact on her. She never expected Zhu Liheng to show up yesterday.

After pondering for a moment, Lin Jianzhi decided to grab Lang Shu, who knew what happened, and ask for a clear explanation.

'Lin Jianzhi: What happened after I got drunk yesterday? I can't quite remember.'

'Lang Shu: ???'

'Lang Shu: You forgot all that?'

'Lang Shu: You cried so hard that the glass shattered!'

'Lin Jianzhi: What???'

'Lang Shu: I didn't know you could cry so much! But your boyfriend is such a good person, he actually bought the tickets for our class gathering!'

'Lin Jianzhi: !!!'

The amount of information was overwhelming, and she couldn't quite process it.


'Lin Jianzhi: He's not my boyfriend.'

She still said those words.

'Lang Shu: A feeble clarification.'

Lin Jianzhi looked at that sentence, her eyes darkening.

Her cheeks flushed, and there was a faint sense of anticipation in her heart.

The two of them had never defined their relationship, and she didn't even dare to confess her feelings.

She did want to test the waters, but every time she was about to speak up, she would back down.

But Zhu Liheng...

How could he hold her like this?

Even taking her away from the public eye when she was drunk.

Not only would people who saw them think that way, she herself would think so too.

Do you like her?